Preschool in Togo

Togolese friends and members of our project group made us aware that there are similar problems in Togo as in Gambia. Members of our project group were in Togo in Koumonde. Although a preschool exists, there are lacks of own rooms, equipment and teaching material. Teachers and educators do not have a sufficient training.

In 2012 the foundation stone for a new preschool building was set in Koumonde. 2015 the buildings could begin and on the 28.02.2016 the ceremonial inauguration of the new preschool building occurred.

Furthermore we supported the local infirmary in Koumonde with materials. In 2014 the birthing room could be renovated through the support of our project members. The village tailor received sewing machines from us where teenagers can be trained. Here our school uniform for the preschool children is created.

Our next plan is to improve the water supply and to qualify the educators.


Projekt Togo