Preschool Gambia

Good knowledge of the English language is required for a successful school education. But there are only few preschools where children can learn these linguistic proficiencys. Children aged 3 to 7 learn in the preschool of Fadjikunda, but the situation is catastrophic. The building was nearly completely destroyed in the rainy season of 2009. From then on the lessons took place in an much to small provisional solution. There are not any teaching and visual aids. Only a few teachers or educators have a sufficient qualification.

We want to build a new building, equip the preschool with teaching material and build a library. We also organize pedagogical support by German experts.

We give to opportunity to take over Godparenthood for preschool children and also to support them in their further education.

Our project supports the water rescue and medical facilities in Gambia with donations.


Projekt Gambia